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FUTBIN 24 Database & Draft

Category: Other Date:2024-04-28 11:36:13

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The FUTBIN 24 Database & Draft app is your ultimate companion for all things football. Not only can you stay up to date with all the latest news and information, but you can also build and manage your own squads, play the draft simulator, and get real-time player prices. But that's not all! The app also offers a wide range of features such as notifications for player alerts, market alerts, and squad alerts, as well as detailed information on Squad Building Challenges and player stats. With the ability to save your squads and access them on the website, a tax calculator, player comparisons, and much more, the FUTBIN app is a must-have for any football fan looking to improve their squad building and trading skills. Download it now and start taking your love for the game to the next level!

Features of FUTBIN 24 Database & Draft:

⭐️ Stay informed: With FUT Companion, you can explore the latest news, updates, and database of your favorite football players and teams. Be the first to know about any new developments in the football world.

⭐️ Customized notifications: Get personalized alerts for players, market trends, squads, Squad Building Challenges (SBC), and more. Never miss out on important updates and stay ahead in the game.

⭐️ Squad Builder: Build your dream team effortlessly with the help of player suggestions based on chemistry and links. Optimize your squad's strength and strategy, and dominate the competition.

⭐️ Smart tax calculator: Take the hassle out of calculating tax deductions. The FUT Companion app automatically calculates taxes based on the three lowest Buy Now prices, making your trading journey much smoother.

⭐️ Player insights: Dive deep into player statistics and information with informative player pages. Find out the three lowest Buy Now prices, daily and hourly price graphs, in-game stats, traits, work rates, versions, skills, and more. Make informed decisions when buying or selling players.

⭐️ Market updates: Keep up with the dynamic market trends and make the right trading moves. Stay updated on the Team Of The Week releases, consumable prices, chemistry optimization, and other market-related news.


Download FUTBIN 24 Database & Draft now to enhance your squad building and trading skills. The FUT Companion app has everything you need to take your football gaming experience to the next level. For any queries or assistance, feel free to connect with us on Twitter (@FUTBIN).

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File size: 49.49 M Latest Version: 11.35

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: com.futbin

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  • The app is absolutely amazing when it's working. For me it keeps crashing and it happens very very often like every minute or even less at times. I hope you fix this probelm as soon as you can because i really enjoy using this app.
    2024-05-08 01:07:26
  • I've used hundreds of apps and never seen so many ads pop up on an app (most of them include sound which cannot be muted). And when trying to close out of the ad many times I end up accidentally clicking the ad which is extremely annoying. This is one of my most used apps but I often use the website because of these issues.
    2024-05-07 20:42:25
  • It constantly crashes. Whenever I've use the app for more than a minute. The app its self is really good and helpful but the crashes can get really frustrating. It's mainly crashing on the player info screen as I'm looking at their prices
    2024-05-06 14:20:01
  • Pretty much the same as going online, so perfect. The only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is because the price ranges for the past 72 hours isn't included for the sbc's. If we could include that little graph that shows the price fluctuations like they have when you visit the website then it would be pretty much golden.
    2024-05-06 08:34:50
  • Love using the website as it is super useful for all things Fifa related, but the app sadly suffers from unskippable fullscreen video ads, which are very annoying and make it a hassle to look up simple stuff. I absolutely understand the need to monetize the app, but I'd like it to not be in this form.
    2024-05-06 05:42:48
  • I know it's free, but dang. Hundreds of apps people use on the daily are free as well & of course they have ads integrated within them. But oh my goodness. This app takes it to a complete other level. The ads come up abruptly & take over the entire screen & SERIOUSLY, a miniscule touch takes you to the app store to download a sketchy app. This app is horrendous, look at other competitors for now until they fix this ad issue.
    2024-05-05 20:02:31
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