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Category: Lifestyle Date:2024-06-24 14:57:01

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Introducing Generali GesundheitsApp! Access Generali Deutschland Krankenversicherung services effortlessly. Snap and send documents, invoices with barcodes in two clicks. Get notifications on document updates and insured benefits. Explore product info, offers, contests, and promotions from Generali Gruppe and DVAG. Manage invoices, sick notes, and forms by photo upload. Receive and manage insurance mail, push notifications, and email updates. Store documents securely across multiple devices. View insurance details and health tips, access 24/7 consultations, vaccination reminders, and video doctor consultations. Requires active internet connection and compatible device. Experience efficient health insurance management with Generali GesundheitsApp!

Features of Generali GesundheitsApp:

> Easy insurance management: Users can handle important insurance matters directly within the app, making the process simple and convenient.

> Multi-device usage: Once registered, the app can be used on all mobile devices, with some functions also accessible on PCs. This allows users to access their insurance information and services whenever and wherever they need.

> Hassle-free document handling: Users can easily capture and send documents by taking photos, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. This feature saves time and ensures secure document transmission.

> Quick invoice submission: With just two clicks, users can send invoices with barcodes, streamlining the reimbursement process.

> Convenient in-app messaging: Users can receive and manage their mail directly within the app, allowing for easy reading, saving, forwarding, and printing of documents. Additionally, push notifications can alert users to any updates or new messages.

> Information hub: In addition to insurance services, the app provides valuable information about products, services, offers, contests, and promotions from Generali Group companies and partner organizations through news and service articles.


The Generali GesundheitsApp simplifies insurance management by offering features such as easy document handling, quick invoice submission, and convenient communication. With multi-device support and a wealth of informative content, this app provides users with a seamless experience, ensuring easy access to insured benefits and promoting overall well-being. Download now to streamline your insurance experience.

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File size: 68.42 M Latest Version: 3.7.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 84 Package ID: de.generali.health.app.prod

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  • Ich werde unmittelbar nach Öffnen der App aufgefordert, das update zu installieren. Der Versuch, unter google ein update zu finden, was bislang noch nicht installiert wurde, gibt es nicht. Was ist das einmal mehr für ein Schwachsinn?
    2024-06-28 20:38:54
  • Umständlich. Keine Möglichkeit Dokumente aus der App zu speichern oder zu mailen.
    2024-06-28 12:24:45
  • easy to use, very practical
    2024-06-27 20:03:29
  • Eigentlich ganz gut, aber dass jetzt zum zweiten Mal die elektronische Gesundheitsakte verschwindet und der Schlüssel sich nicht mehr eingeben lässt ist nicht nur nervig sondern darf einfach nicht sein. Ist damit schon wieder meine ganze Historie weg? Und plötzlich kann ich mich nicht mehr biometrisch anmelden... warum das denn? Durch den wiederholten Vorfall mit der Gesundheitsakte (= MEINEN sensiblen Daten!) eigentlich GAR kein Stern.
    2024-06-27 19:52:28
  • Es gibt keine Möglichkeit einen Bug in der App zu melden innerhalb der App aus. Biometrische ist nicht möglich und eine Fehlermeldung zu geben seit Android 12
    2024-06-27 12:20:22
  • Please provide English translation
    2024-06-27 04:13:35
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